Month: July 2015

Child online! Where are the best sites for kids’ education and entertainment We’ve been checking out safe playgrounds

The Web offers thousands of fun, stimulating, interactive learning and entertainment destinations for kids. It can seem a scary place if you’re lost, though – for adults and children. So how do you find the best sites for your kids – the ones that are safe, and also fun? And how can you work out which ones they (not you) will actually enjoy?

Try our selection below. We’ve looked at sites aimed at kids from pre-school age through to those in their early teens, and found some great jokes, cartoons, games, Harry Potter gossip, Web design, search engines and homework help sites.

To see what kids really think of them, we’ve enlisted the help of a couple of young reviewers. Daniel Walrond, aged 13, rates our selection of cartoon and jokes sites. And Lili Cooper, aged 11, gives her verdict on the best places for girl talk and online advice.

Early learning


Don’t risk kids’ education on unproven ‘innovation’ pursue sound strategies instead of trial and error

baby with cf

A business that expects to thrive or even stay a business cannot afford a lack of innovative ideas. It is the lifeblood for growth and success. In today’s society, schools must be as innovative as successful businesses.

However, innovation in education can’t simply be trying something new. A school failure can do lasting damage not just to the students but to the students’ family, community, and society at large.